Ethical guidelines

Version 1.1 – Adopted at the Annual Meeting on March 25, 2010

§1 Rule of conduct
As a member of, you must follow the rules of procedure that Internetstiftlesen for the country top level domain .se has developed and included in its registrar agreement. These rules of conduct are posted on the homepage of for the .se tld.
[The Ethics Committee bases its judgments on the rules of conduct that apply at any time when the ethics case occurred]

§2 Counteracting discrimination
The registrars’ primary duty is, within the framework of what law and good professionalism offers, to the best of their ability to safeguard the client’s interests. The registrar is obliged to promote these without having their actions affected by the idea of ​​their own benefits or discomfort or by consideration of social status, nationality, skin color, political or religious opinion or other irrelevant circumstances.

§3 Sincerity
In activities, the Registrar shall act in a factual and correct manner and in such a way that respect and confidence in the Registrar’s in all. Under no circumstances may the Registrar submit to (client), counterparty, authority or other entity, or make a statement which he knows to be false or incorrect.

§4 Marketing
The registrar must comply with the laws and regulations applicable under the Marketing Act. The Marketing Act requires that the registrar’s marketing must be consistent with what is called “good marketing practice”. This means that the law must counteract false claims, unethical methods, misleading information and other dishonest approaches in advertising and marketing. Should a member of the registrars ‘association violate these rules, the board of the registrars’ association reserves the right to exclude this member from the registrar’s association.

§5 Transparency towards customer
Members of registrars must have a transparency in multi-year payments of domain names to the customer. If the customer registers domains for several years, the registrar must do the same with the registry. Deviation from this policy may exclude registrars from the association.

These ethical rules are set at’s annual meeting on 25 March 2010