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Registrars.se is the industry organization for .SE registrars, the only association in the Swedish registrar and web hosting industry.

Registrars.se is the only organization of its kind, and therefore has a strong position in relation to Internetstiftelsen.

ICANN requires Internetstiftelsen to listen to its internet community. Registrars.se is in practice the only organized voice Internetstiftelsen can listen to, the only party that can speak for the registrar and web hosting industry. This is done, among other things, through regular meetings with Internetstiftelsen, public influence and towards other parties.

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What is Registrars.se?

Registrars.se is a non-profit organization formed and driven by accredited registrars for of .SE (Internetstiftelsen).

Who is Registrars.se for?

All companies that are accredited registrars with .SE and want to actively pursue issues to improve the work on the .SE top level domain.

What stand Registrars.se for?

Registrars.se wants to bring its members’ overall opinions and tastes regarding work on the .SE top level domain. Registrars.se is working on behalf of their members and aims to strengthen and express its members’ requests for further development and changes around the .SE top level domain and towards Internetstiftelsen and other stakeholders.

What is required of members to participate in the work?

The only requirement is that you pay an annual fee of 100 SEK. Then choose yourself how far you want to get involved. One can become a member of the board, ethics group or just be active in email list. The most important is that you support us with your membership!

Ethical guidelines

This is the Ethical guidelines for Registrars.se.

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